Follow-Up Steps on a PMP, or Planned Maintenance Program, Visit

Gregg Homola

May, 2021

The goal of a PM Program is to keep loading dock equipment running smoothly, achieve documented life span, and keep a pulse on any problems that can be detected as early as possible. Following a PM visit, a good maintenance team needs to consider several options when reviewing service reports. What equipment needs immediate repair, possible upgrades, or, in some cases, replacement.

Minor repairs, such as replacing stock parts like lens caps, bulbs, carriage rollers, and weather seal, can sometimes be taken care of during a PM visit with prior approval. Typically, as a follow-up from the PM service report, a repairs quote is generated for parts and labor to get equipment back in proper working condition. A good maintenance program makes these small repairs to avoid trying to fix a much larger, unplanned problem.

Along with repair quotes, a proposal may be recommended for upgrades to equipment if certain conditions justify the expense. A good example could be replacing worn rubber dock bumpers with steel-faced dock bumpers. Another example might be a hydraulic conversion kit to replace a pull-chain mechanical dock leveler. A flood-proof motor for a Dok-Lok vehicle restraint, in cases where dock approached can experience flooding, in another example.

Aging, wear and tear, extreme environmental conditions, and human error are all factors to expect and plan for during dock equipment’s life span. Is your dock leveler the right capacity? Was the equipment misapplied? Were small problems neglected to become large problems? A loading dock should seem almost invisible when everything is operating properly.



There are 5 steps to a door maintenance program…

1. Inspection
2. Adjustment
3. Cleaning
4. Lubrication
5. Documentation
The goals of excellent door maintenance are to keep production running smoothly, eliminate downtimes, and fix doors that need to be repaired…

Below is the rule of thumb for the life expectancy of products that can be included in a PM Program. These numbers are not written in stone and a well-documented, properly maintained piece of dock equipment can far exceed these estimates.

Product CategoryProduct Life Expectancy
Seals & Shelters5 – 7 Years
Vehicle Restraints10 Years
Dock Levelers20 Years

Product CategoryProduct Life Expectancy
Seals & Shelters5 – 7 Years
Vehicle Restraints10 Years
Dock Levelers20 Years

Remember, a good PMP works to keep a handle on operational equipment and keep a documented history of parts and repairs. Make uncertain service decisions and costly reactive maintenance a thing of the past!

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