How to be SMART with Door Maintenance

Gregg Homola

April, 2020

Any company that has sectional doors or coiling doors at their facility needs to be SMART.

This means Schedule Maintenance ARegular Times.

Proper door maintenance keeps a facility working. Without it, operations can grind to a halt!

 The goals of excellent door maintenance are to keep production running smoothly, eliminate downtimes, and fix doors that need to be repaired. With a lack of maintenance, a facility must have in-house staff attempt to make repairs, which pulls them off of jobs that are essential.

There are 5 steps to a door maintenance program:

1. Inspection

2. Adjustment

3. Cleaning

4. Lubrication

5. Documentation

» Inspection and Adjustment should include:
  • Tracks and sections
  • Mounting brackets
  • Rollers and counterbalance bearings
  • Lift cables
  • Counterbalance adjustment (ease of lifting and staying open)
  • Door seal and security locks.

Coiling doors require adjustment and inspection of all mounting points, track and slats, and counterbalance adjustment. Motor operators should be serviced and include mounting brackets, drive chains, bearings and bushings for excessive wear, clutch adjustment, limits (door stops at full open and close), activation devices, and safety reversing edge.

» Cleaning should include:

  • General housekeeping and removing any debris or dirt interfering with the operation of the door.

» Lubrication should include:

  • Applying proper lubricant to all moving parts in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendation and a plant’s specific requirements

» Documentation should include:

  • Any parts, welding, or labor required for repairs. A customer will be made aware of any failures with motor operators or doors equipped with safety reversing edges not operating correctly. It is very important to note the door size, model, and serial number in the documentation. A general overview of the physical condition of the door and application should be included along with any recommendations.

Start today with a free door survey by Robert Dietrick Company. Now is the time to be SMART and begin a door maintenance program!

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