3 Reasons Your Facility Exists

Mike Smith

Mike Smith

July, 2022

Whether you own one, work in one, or are responsible for keeping one going, your facility exists for three basic reasons:

  1. To Receive Product
  2. To Make/Store Product
  3. To Ship Product

All the products you receive, store, manufacture, and ship back out roll across, pass by, and stay protected by the equipment that Robert Dietrick Company installs, maintains, and repairs. You might not have thought about it this way, but we are your partner when it comes to keeping your facility operating. As your partner, we’re here to help keep your facility receiving products, making/storing products, and shipping products back out.

In the spirit of true partnership, we’re here to tell you about one of the biggest threats you face in keeping your facility going, and that’s a material shortage and lead times. It’s something that has affected us all and continues to make us rethink how business is done. Nowadays, it’s all about planning and positioning to keep things running smoothly. How can we partner together to keep your facility running smoothly? It’s done through Planning, Protecting, and Preventing.


Many products in the material handling industry now have lead times of 6 months or more! If you have a leveler, dock seal, restraint, or control box needing upgraded then have a plan! If you suspect one of these items is on its last leg don’t put it off. Contact RDC for a survey, quote, and a plan for replacement. With lead times the way they are these days, you can’t afford to have trailers waiting to be loaded and unloaded. You need to move product as quickly as possible to keep up with manufacturing and shipping demands. Having dock positions out of service waiting on replacement isn’t an option anymore. Good planning is critical in order to keep material coming in and going out. Let RDC be your planning partner!



The last couple of years have shown us how valuable a healthy workforce is. You cannot afford to have injuries! Keep trailers secured to the loading dock and prevent accidents with trailer restraints by Rite-Hite. Keep employees protected from struck-by hazards with Barriers, Industrial Curtain Walls, and Light Communication inside your facility. Keep people safe from processes with Machine Guarding and safety products. Let us help you protect one of your greatest assets….your people!


Once you have a plan, and you are doing all you can to protect, it’s now time to prevent. The greatest way you can insulate yourself from equipment failure and unforeseen downtime is by partnering with RDC in a Preventative Maintenance Plan. Cleaning, lubricating, noting deficiencies, making repairs, and keeping an asset history on your equipment is a proven way to help keep your facility up and running and proactive to avoid unexpected equipment downtime. Let RDC show you how a Preventative Maintenance Plan can help you plan and protect your facility and people!

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