Industrial Curtain Walls

Robert Dietrick Company partners with Rite-Hite to supply customers with solutions in a manufacturing or distribution warehouse facility, especially with door insulation blankets.

Traditional rigid walls lock you into a layout and make future changes timely and costly. Zoneworks Industrial Curtain Walls, by Rite-Hite, is the key to avoiding a permanent mistake. Constructed in an adaptable, modular design, spaces can be partitioned, reconfigured, relocated, or removed quickly and easily. Some benefits of the Zoneworks product are temperature separation, humidity or heat control, noise reduction, dust, and fume containment, and wash down policies. Zoneworks is highly customizable.

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Planned Maintenance Services

When Industrial Curtain Walls or other products run inefficiently or unexpectedly break down, it can spell disaster. A Planned Maintenance Program through Robert Dietrick Company is an ongoing schedule of regular maintenance visits designed to keep equipment in top working order and address small problems before they become serious. We pride ourselves in thorough and accurate reporting for your records and will develop a PM plan that makes the most sense for your facility, your equipment, and your budget.