RDC’s Innovative Solutions for Stevanato Group’s New Facility in Fishers, IN

Chris Bellamy

Chris Bellamy

June, 2024

Stevanato Group, a premier manufacturer of high-quality medical glass containers for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and life sciences industries, began construction on its latest facility in Fishers in 2021. The company enlisted Pepper Construction and Hodess Cleanroom Construction as the General Contractors for this new building. RDC was responsible for providing solutions for exterior doors, interior doors, and loading docks for the project.

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Cleanliness: Stevanato Group’s main requirement was to maintain a clean environment. RDC’s solutions for this project had to meet the high-level cleanliness standards required by the medical and science industries, and our team had to implement unique door and dock products that would satisfy these needs. The building shell required strict control over contaminants and temperature, but the inner clean rooms demanded the highest level of control for these variables.

Large Door Openings

Space: The facility’s unique space and design posed another challenge. Many areas required products with custom sizes and shapes specifically configured for this application. The RDC team would need to collaborate to develop innovative solutions, ensuring equipment could fit the complex space.

Time: The customer also had a set schedule to keep the project on track and get production started promptly. RDC’s installation had to stay on schedule to meet the customer’s expectations.


Clean Room Doors

Cleanliness: Every aspect of our team’s solution had to address the clean requirements – from interior doors and clean rooms to loading dock equipment and exterior doors.

We implemented vertical levelers at the loading docks so they could be stored inside the building. This ensured contaminants like dust, insects, rodents, etc. would be kept outside of the facility. We also installed insulated, steel exterior doors and high-quality exterior seals for maximum temperature and contaminant control.

On the interior, RDC completed door installation for three clean areas. We utilized Rite-Hite’s LiteSpeed Clean Doors, best for high-speed and high-cycle applications. In these highly trafficked rooms, the customer needed only one door to be able to open at a time, preventing drafts from blowing in dust particles, insects, and other contaminants that would interfere with the clean environment. These LiteSpeed doors allowed for this configuration, keeping air quality and flow controlled.

Space: At the loading dock locations, space above the door openings did not allow for typical vertical doors. So, our team applied a new type of door that rolled up horizontally to fit the shorter spaces.

Inside, Stevanto Group’s production would require operation of high-reach forklifts, meaning door openings were larger than standard door heights. RDC applied Rite-Hite’s Fastrax XL doors for these interior openings. Since XL doors are typically applied to exterior needs, the weight of the doors could not be supported by average interior walls. We worked with the builder to design a unique frame robust enough to support the weight of the larger doors.

Ceiling Obstruction

We also faced obstructions, like ceiling-level vents, that had to either be worked around or reconfigured to complete installation.

Exterior Installation

Time: To keep on schedule, Stevanato Group used monthly completion milestones for the many parties working on site at a time. We completed work on our portion of the building in phases, first installing the exterior solutions and then completing clean room installation area by area. This type of project management allowed RDC to meet the expected deadlines of the customer, while simultaneously responding to unexpected challenges and hurdles throughout the process.


  • RDC successfully installed 28 exterior doors, 6 loading docks, 19 LiteSpeed clean room doors, and 3 Fastrax XL clean doors.
  • We completed 3 clean areas, each meeting the customer’s specific requirements.
  • Our team adhered to the customer’s timelines, ensuring production started as expected.
Fastrax XL Doors

Stevanato Group plans to have a second phase at this building in the future, but as of now, the company’s new building is operational. Our team worked together to create unique, innovative solutions for the customer and stay within the complex demands of the job.


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