RDC Keeps Rolling

Bo Dietrick

Gregg Homola

June, 2023

In the late 1980s, Robert Dietrick Company was a small family business with a one-office operation. A fleet of 5 trucks and Installers, 1 Service Manager, and 1 dedicated Service/Planned Maintenance Technician with 500 pieces of equipment under contract. The goal was to become a full-time service company with trained professionals that provided installation, 24/7 support, planned preventative maintenance, and repairs of all industrial products. Fast forward to today and RDC has warehouses in Fishers, Columbia City, Columbus, and Evansville, Indiana to serve our customers. Below are some highlights of our growth as a service provider:

  • RDC has a fleet of 36 service trucks company-wide. You may have seen these trucks with black and gold graphics and the RDC logo rolling down the road to a service or repair call. The trucks are equipped to handle door work, perform planned maintenance, and welding, and carry a stock of parts for dock and door repairs. A fleet of 9 crane trucks are equipped for new equipment installations, unloading of equipment, and heavy welding repairs. The fleet is managed by an Operations Support Manager to keep these trucks on the road.
  • RDC employs a total of 42 factory-trained and certified Service Technicians specializing in loading dock equipment and industrial door services, including installation and repairs. This group has been with the company for a combined total of over 165 years. They are supported by a Director of Operations, a Safety Manager, and 5 Service Managers that have over 56 years of field experience. A scheduling and dispatch department handles service, installation, repair requests, and parts ordering.
  • This past year a total of 711 planned maintenance program contracts were scheduled and performed. The program is an ongoing schedule of regular visits to keep equipment working and identify small problems before they become serious. An asset tagging and reporting record is provided to our customers. The work that is performed and the material used in maintaining the equipment become part of a database with the history on each piece of equipment. Over 17,162 pieces of equipment were serviced by our technicians under these contracts. Some contracts are bi-annual or quarterly and the number of pieces our technicians “touch” is over 20,000. From our offices, a total of 3,302 service calls were scheduled and dispatched for our customers. A total of over 595 new equipment installs were performed by our service crews.

    A longtime customer commented that “when an RDC  service truck rolls up to their facility the best trucks, tools, equipment, and technicians are provided to work with us to diagnose any problems or repairs needed. RDC is truly an industrial solutions provider for our facility!”

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