RDC Does Better Work

Bo Dietrick

June, 2021

Work culture has become a large value of importance at Robert Dietrick Company. As our business has grown and our opportunities to serve customers have expanded, company culture has become a key to continued success across our geographic territories. The shared values of teamwork, innovation, integrity, and positivity help to connect our people, but we want the RDC experience to be able to take root on day #1.

To accomplish a robust onboarding experience, we chose to give all new teammates a physical guide to get them off to a strong start at RDC. The book “Do Better Work,” written by Lesson.ly co-founder and CEO, Max Yoder, has acted as both a shared experience for all new RDC colleagues and a continuous blueprint to work through the challenges that modern business throws at us. Topics, like being vulnerable or having difficult conversations, have helped our people to look for opportunity, get more agreements, and bring brightness to the room. Practical ideas that have already produced some profound results for an industrial solutions provider!

At RDC, we recognize that today your career is not just a job – it’s an experience! Whether a teammate chooses to participate in our corporate responsibility initiative, RDC Cares, or our teambuilding and extracurricular initiative, RDC Fun, we want to give them options around what their unique work experience looks like. Our core values and the shared experience of “Do Better Work” are simple ways that we can bring everyone back together around a common cause of working together to create great customer interactions.

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