RDC Cares 101

Zack King

May, 2021

In 2020 RDC launched an initiative that hits closer to home. This initiative comes with the idea that we should be proud of the good work we do in our communities and with each other. In an especially tough year for many, this initiative reminds us that we are here for each other, our neighbors, and our communities. This is RDC Cares. 

RDC Cares is based on the three pillars of Community, Philanthropy, and Environment.

Community is based on the principle that RDC is embedded in the physical locations we service in Indiana, Southern Michigan, Southern Illinois, and Western Kentucky. We live in these communities and take pride in serving them. Our team members support a variety of organizations ranging from Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Central Indiana to the West Side Nut Club in Evansville. RDC Cares promotes communal events that bring us together with our coworkers and neighbors. We take on challenges such as food insecurity and find ways to support our local shelters. We are proud of the organizations that we support and will continue looking for ways to make our communities better.

Philanthropy has been ingrained in our company culture from the very beginning. Over the years we have given thousands of dollars to causes we believe in. We choose the organizations we support by listening to our colleagues on what is important to them and their families, as well as the non-profits that our colleagues are already actively involved in. In 2020 we created a survey that captured the areas in which we as a company would like to support. We found that Youth, Food Insecurity, and Recovery Shelters are the top three areas we are most passionate about and we want our actions to speak louder than words. We have already given to multiple organizations in these areas and will continue to broaden our reach.

Environment is a pillar that represents the physical world we live in. As members of our communities and state, we can always improve on how we treat the world around us – from lessening our emissions to planting trees near our roads and in our parks. We are currently taking steps in encouraging the use of reusable containers to lessen our use of plastic. We will continue these efforts and there will be more initiatives to come that will show RDC does care about the physical state of our world and leaving it better than we found it. 

RDC has a rich culture of giving through Service and Philanthropy. RDC Cares has partnered with Selfless.ly, a philanthropic tracking platform, so that we can all see our impact on our communities by the numbers and celebrate the good work we are doing. Selfless.ly allows companies to have a full view of how its employees are giving their time and money. Also, Selfless.ly allows the company to donate and set up service events in which employees can partake in. Currently, as a company, we have donated $3,715, have logged 72 hours of community service, and have assisted 18 different non-profits in the state of Indiana in just under 6 months since we have launched this platform. 

RDC Cares hits closer to home because of the direct impact it has on our home. We all live and serve in our communities; we should all strive to make them better one action at a time. We will continue to do our best to promote the good work we are doing and look to offer many opportunities for our colleagues to give back in a meaningful way.

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