RDC Cares About Impact on Environment

Bo Dietrick

June, 2021

Robert Dietrick Company makes a concerted effort to support our teammates in the areas of health and safety, as well as remain mindful of our impact on the environment. The pillar of Environment comes from RDC’s corporate responsibility initiative known as RDC Cares, which also focuses on community engagement and philanthropic giving. When possible, RDC chooses to remain intentional when it comes to reducing our carbon footprint.

With the heat of the summer, RDC Cares was able to identify an opportunity to benefit our colleagues who work on job sites while also reducing annual waste. In 2021, Robert Dietrick Company has funded the supply of 1-gallon durable thermoses to allow Service Technicians access to a receptacle for cold drinking water throughout their day without single-use plastic water bottles. Similar to the water purification systems that are utilized in our facilities, our mobile work trucks can now participate in an intentional reduction in waste. RDC Cares estimates at least 17,000 plastic water bottles that would have been used throughout the summer months to be saved through the use of these refillable containers. When you see the use of RDC Cares thermoses in your facility, know that it is Robert Dietrick Company’s attempt to participate in a cleaner, better tomorrow!

To support the highest degree of physical health and safety in the heat, RDC has stocked our warehouses with hydration packs that Technicians can take in their trucks as a source of electrolyte replenishment throughout the day. These packs can be used with our 1-gallon water thermoses to add flavor and nutritional value in the fluids that are replaced on a hot day. Safety on a job site remains our #1 focus, and that includes battling dehydration in the heat.

Thank you to all RDC Technicians for the hard work that is put in throughout all seasons to bring success to customers!

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