Connect with Your Local RDC Rep

Bo Dietrick

June, 2022

At, Robert Dietrick Company, we endeavor to give our customers a fast, easy, and digital experience to stay connected with us as your Industrial Solutions Provider. Whether you are requesting service, contacting accounting, or connecting with our sales rep for the first time, we have designed our website,, to be your online destination for working with RDC.

One such resource is the Interactive Territory Map under “Where We Serve.” We strive to employ both Sales Representatives and Service Technicians who are members of your local community. In the areas of Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, and Kentucky where we are active, we have different individuals from our team managing that region. The Interactive Territory Map allows you to click on your location by the county to access the name and contact information of the individual who will best be able to assist you as a customer of RDC.

Many of our customers operate with multiple locations that may span different regions of the RDC territory. The Interactive Territory Map is a great way to see who your local rep is for each facility location that may be under your supervision!

Interactive Territory Map Preview

Interactive Map

If you are requesting Emergency Service, you can access the RDC hotline from any page on the website, or you can click “Contact Us” to write in your service request and a representative will get back to you shortly.

Connect with Your Local RDC Rep through the Interactive Territory Map

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