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Your Perfect Vehicle Restraints

Vehicle Restraints are used to improved employee safety, product security and production times. With the ever changing challenges and changes to loading docks, we constantly update our designs to be able to meet regulatory compliance.

For over 30 years, we have been providing Rite- Hite’s superior designs. These designs are known for having versatile hooks and barrier designs that protect from more types of accidents than any other restraint out there.

Which Vehicle Restraint is Best for You?

There are many types of vehicles an facilities; which means there are many different options of restraints to choose from.

Stabilizing Vehicle and Trailer Restraints

These restraints help avoid veriticle and horizontal movement by gripping the trailers rear impact guard. This helps stabilize the back of any trailer. This is why Rite-Hite has made the STR-4200 to be able to offer the highest level of safety.

Shadow Hook Vehicle Restraints

These hooks add an additional level of security by hooking onto intermodal trailers and containers with their rear impact guard obstructions. These restraints are corrosion resistant for long term use.

Vertical Barrier Restraints

Vertical Vehicle Restraints use upwards pressure to rear impact guards to prevent trailer separation accidents like early departure and trailer creeping. There are many types of vertical restraints, such as:

Ground Stored

Basic types of trailer separation can be avoided with this type of restraint. This restraint uses hydraulic cylinders to power the restraint into it optimal position.

Under Leveler Restraint

This restraint is recessed to be able to secure semi-trailers. This is done by hooks gripping the semi’s rear impact guard by stopping separation.

Wheel- Lok Vehicle Restraints

These restraints help with hydraulic liftgates, trailers without rear impact guards, and drop frame trailers. Wheel-Lok restraints lock between wheels to prevent movement. There are two types of Wheel-Lok Restraints to choose from:

Global Wheel-Lok

This restraint is triggered by trailer contacts that engage the arms to lock into place. These are used for almost any trailer type.

Manual Wheel-Lok 

Manual locks are a great cost-effective way to offer superior protection for hydraulic lift gates, even trailers that do not have rear impact guards.

Loading Dock Communication and Safety Controls

It is important for your loading dock employees to know when they can enter and leave a truck safely. It is also very important to let truck drivers know when it is safe to leave. Rite-Hite’s light communication systems are durable for any all loading dock environments.


These systems use motion detection, alarms, and line-of-sight notification to alert your staff of immediate hazards. This system is composed of four different parts:




Dock Commander System

Interlock Controls

When running a loading dock, it is important that all of your controls are running properly. That is why we offer a supply chain with an integrity sequence that secures trailers and protects employees.

How to Care For your Vehicle Restraints

It is important to keep your Vehicle Restraints running smoothly. If you keep these 5 steps in mind, your equipment will last for years to come.

  1. Regular cleaning of your equipment and components which mean for a more efficient facility. Doing this will avoid clogging and wear from dirt and debris.
  2. Lubricating is important to avoid rust, wear, and moisture to keep your equipment moving. This will avoid any downtime since there is no wear and tear on your components.
  3. Adjustments can help your equipment from improper movements that can cause hazards.
  4. Inspections need to be done regularly to make sure that there are no small problems. When small problems go unnoticed they can cause large problems later on.
  5. It is important to document all of your findings and maintenance to save time with issues down the road.

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