Truck Top Snow Removal

For over 46 years, Robert Dietrick has been offering the best Loading Dock Equipment to all of the Midwest, including Southern Illinois, Western Kentucky, and Southern Michigan. This regions suffers from horrible winters, which is why we are proud to offer the most superior Snow Removal Systems. Our team is proud to give fast quality service and repair on all of our Loading Dock Equipment. With our years servicing this area, we are sure to offer the highest quality customer service to keep our facilities happy.

Loading Dock Snow Removal Systems

The Midwest can bring in some brutal winters, thank can bring in inches of snow. Sitting trucks can accumulate a lot of snow, which can cause issues with your facilities loading docks. For the safety of all of the dock’s employees, it is important to keep your trucks dry and snow free. Truck Top Snow Removal is the perfect Loading Dock Equipment solution, because it saves on operating costs and liability from having to remove snow themselves. The Scraper Systems snow removal system are the affordable way to automate snow clearing safely. We provide the best Truck Top Snow Removals systems for fast and low-maintenance snow clearing operations.

Which Truck Top Snow Removal is Right for Your Facility?

We offer many types of Snow Removal Loading Dock Equipment to help you in the harshest Midwest winters.

Scraper Systems Portable Model 440

This Portable system is great for smaller facilities. The 440 can be moved once the winter season is over. This heavy duty snow removal system sits on twelve inch wheels on each corner, for easy relocation. However, to keep it secure, the 440 uses removable concrete ballasts for support. This is one of our most popular models and works just as effectively as standard base mount units.

Scraper Systems Base-Mount Model 110

These models are mounted with a base plate for facilities where the system can easily stay in place all year round. This makes these systems perfect for the harsh Midwest winters. Prior to installation, each facility will be provided with drawings, bolts patterns, and anchor bolts.

Scraper Systems Wide Spanner Series 200

Not all truck and trailers widths are the same. Some trucks can be much wider than others. This is why we provide a wider series which can span up to thirty-five feet. This system is designed with heavy steel cross bars for more durability. The Wide Spanner Series is great when yard space is minimal, by spanning entrances and exits.

Loading Dock Equipment For Bus Snow Clearing

Robert Dietrick Company not only offers snow clearing equipment for trucks, but for buses also. These systems are designed for irregular shaped vehicles that may have rounded or tarped tops. Just like the truck snow clearing equipment, this is a safe and effective way to clear the tops of your buses.

Scraper System Portable Model 880

The 880 can be moved to different location to save space when the winters are over. This popular model is on four twelve inch wheels for easy mobility, yet stabilized by large removable concrete ballasts.

Scraper System Base-Mount Model 770

The base mounted models are perfect for yards that are able to house the snow removal system yearly. This is great for school systems that find themselves with snow topped roofs through most of the winter days.

Scraper System Wide-Spanner Series 700

This snow removal system is made for yards with small yard space. It is mounted at the entrance of the throughway or driveway. This system can span up to thirty-five feet to fit most every throughway.

Why Choose Us for Your Loading Dock Equipment

Robert Dietrick strives to offer only the best products and customer service to our customers. We want you to trust us with all of your dock equipment needs from here on out. Not only do we make sure that all of your equipment is set up property, we make sure they continue to run properly. Take the stress out of running your loading dock, with Robert Dietrick Company.

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Keep your vehicle clean in the Midwest winter months, with our Scraper Systems snow removal systems. We can help you clear all shapes and sized vehicles. Are you ready to order your Truck Top Snow Removal? Our representatives are ready to answer any of the questions that you may have. We look forward to hearing from you for any of your loading dock needs.

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