Crossovers & Work Platforms

Robert Dietrick Company proudly partners with Erect-A-Step for solutions to overcome challenges in manufacturing facilities and distribution warehouses.

Cross Overs and Platforms can increase the productivity of a facility. These modular cross overs use fabricated metal stairs, metal platforms, handrails, ladders, and supports. These modular pieces are able to offer a facility with an unlimited number of configurations. There is no fabrication to go into these cross overs, only bolting together these components to create your needed workspace. All of the prefabricated pieces are built with heavy aluminum and steel. These work platforms are great for access over obstructions, such as pipes, dike walls, and more. All of ErectaStep’s components are OSHA compliant, and always available.

All of the components of our Cross overs and Platforms are built as a modular design so they are easily reconfigured or redesigned as often as you would like, while still offering the best protection. Not only are our components reusable, but they are also easily assembled. With lightweight prefabricated pieces, there is no need to wait for installation. You are able to install yourself with our simple instructions and provided tools. Additionally, our components are ready to ship at all times. With our modular design, you are able to create cross overs (or bridges), as well as catwalks, mezzanine platforms, ladder platforms, and assembly line platforms.  When setting up and designing your cross over or platforms, there is no welding, special tools, or cranes needed. All components can be bolted together with ease.

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Planned Maintenance Services

When Crossovers & Work Platforms or other products run inefficiently or unexpectedly break down, it can spell disaster. A Planned Maintenance Program through Robert Dietrick Company is an ongoing schedule of regular maintenance visits designed to keep equipment in top working order and address small problems before they become serious. We pride ourselves in thorough and accurate reporting for your records and will develop a PM plan that makes the most sense for your facility, your equipment, and your budget.