Prepare for Winter with Snow Removal Machines from Rite-Hite

Bo Dietrick

Bo Dietrick

October, 2022

Winter is coming and, if your business is in a part of the United States that gets snow, with it comes to the risks that snow accumulation can cause on top of a semi-trailer. When trucks sit overnight, snowfall can build up to the point that it can become a hazard for the vehicle and those around it once in motion. Thankfully, there are innovative solutions from manufacturers, like Rite-Hite, that Robert Dietrick Company can strategize for you.

Snow Removal Machines, such as Scraper Systems Fleet Plows, can create a fast and safe process for removing snow from atop the trailer hitched to a semi-truck. These tools require little maintenance to keep your trucks protected and on the road, but can pay back big rewards in the form of fuel efficiency and brand integrity.

Scraper Systems Fleet Plows

It is estimated that driving with snow or ice on your vehicle causes aerodynamic drag and can add 6,000 lbs or more to vehicle weight. Having a fast and easy way to remove this snow can become an instant save on fuel cost. Not to mention a reduction in fleet idle time thanks to a faster removal method! FleetPlows also protect your equipment from damage that can come from the weight of snow or incorrect methods of snow removal.

Legislation continues to increase the expectations of drivers and carriers when it comes to snow that can, or cannot, be present atop trailers on the roads. But the impact that an accident can have on a brand could be far greater. Dislodged snow and ice on the interstate can be fatal to other motorists. Your fleet being shown in the news as the cause of an accident is a disaster for public relations and, most likely, insurance premiums. Snow removal reduces the chance of property damage and personal injury.

RDC is fully equipped to consult with you regarding either your desire to work in winter better or your fear of liability in a snow-related accident. It’s time to protect your fleet, your brand, your people, and your fellow motorists during the winter.

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