Modular Buildings and Offices

For 46 years, Robert Dietrick has been the premier place to purchase our loading dock and facility products, in the Midwest. We offer the best Modular Buildings and Offices to suit any of your needs of your business. Our representatives are sure to provide the highest quality products with quick response times. We are also able to offer quick service and repair services for any issues that you may have.

What Are Modular Buildings and Offices?

Is your facility becoming to small for what you need? Do you need a quick and cost-effective way to add more space to operate your business? Here at Robert Dietrick, we offer the best Starrco modular offices out there. With tall walls and large widths, our modular offices can be built large enough to house large loading dock equipment. These offices are great for any season, and offer sound and dust protection. Additionally, we are able to provide two story offices to give you the most efficient use of space.

Benefits of Modular Buildings and Offices

All pieces of material used in these buildings are prefabricated, meaning that there is no need for sanding, painting, or taping. Because of this, these offices can be built and torn down in no time. Our modular buildings can be designed with windows to provide a comfortable work environment. Also, Depending on the needs of your facility, these offices can have commercial steel or wooden doors. We can also offer prewired systems to for the ease of set up and use of our buildings.

Systems We Offer:

Modular Break Rooms- This design is great for large facilities where you would like to create separation or break rooms or offices. If needed, two story buildings can at enormous amounts of room to suit all of your needs. The modular systems can be redesigned for your meeting space needs.

Coordinate Measuring Machine Rooms- This type or room is used when temperature control is extremely important. The expansion and contraction of materials can effect the specific measurements needed. This can also be important for quality assurance purposes and quality control.

Computer Room Enclosures-  If you are in need of additional space for your IT  or computer rooms, this option is perfect fo you. You get raised floors, HVAC control, and constant temperatures to protect your technology.

Conference Room Enclosures- Just like computer rooms, these rooms have full HVAC to be able to provide a comfortable workspace. These can be customized to fit your company’s specific needs.

Shipping & Receiving Offices- These offices help isolate your operation areas and keep fumes from entering work spaces, to protect you employees. These seal off sound and weather if needed.

Plant Foreman Office- These can be used as temporary or permanent offices to fit any requirement that you may need. With our modular design, you have may different configurations to choose from. All finishes and materials can be personalized.

In-Plant Offices- If you need to free up floor space, this design is perfect for you. These can be built in one or two story configurations to help make use of unused workspaces. The creation of modular in-plant offices are faster and more efficient than traditional construction.

Powder Coating Booths- It is important to contain powder spraying since it has a high transfer rate. This can be done with modular booths that confine the paint spray. This can quickly be built and torn down. Additionally, these can be designed in many different configurations.

Modular Machine Enclosures- These are perfect to keep clean surroundings, as well as keeping your employees and equipment safe. These are also used as noise enclosures for larger machines.

Partitions & Modular Walls- We have options if you are looking to have a full office solution or just fit a partition into your current space. These are prefabricated and offered in a variety of colors and finishes.

Portable Office Buildings- These can be used in both interior and exterior. This are often used for kiosks, toll booths, parking booths, and more. These can be made with steel or aluminum.

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If you are looking for the most durable Modular Buildings and Offices, you have come to the right place. We have been offering the best customer services, for over 46 years in the Midwest. If you are ready to start building your modular offices, contact a representative at Robert Dietrick Company today! We are here to help you with all of your loading dock and facility needs.  Our representatives cannot wait to hear from you!

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