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Robert Dietrick Company Inc has over 46 years of experience. There is no one better to turn to for all of your Machine Guarding needs. We provide quick quality service and repairs on all of our products. We are proud of our superior customer service. We want you to come back for any other need that you may have. We serve the Indiana, Southern Illinois, Western Kentucky, and Southern Michigan area.

Machine GuardingWhat Is Machine Guarding?

For all machines, with a point of operation which may cause injury, there is a requirement that it will be guarded for safety. You want to be sure that you keep your employees save with Rite-Hite’s Machine Guarding products. The opportunity for accidental injury is greatly decreased with this product. Not only will the guard be there for safety, it will also be a great reminder for the operator to stay on task.

More uses of Machine Guarding Systems

  • Guards machines to protect employees
  • Keeps hazards, debris, heat, fumes, smoke, sparks, accidental discharge, mechanical movement, and more contained.
  • Manufactured to your exact size requirements
  • Automated to the process for ease of use
  • Reminder for operator to stay on task

Rite-Hite carries many types of guarding systems, including automated barrier doors, automated curtains, retractable curtains and screens, and safety fencing. Now it is time to find out which is best for you.

Types of Machine Guarding Systems

The Automated Barrier Doors is the perfect solution to restrict access to dangerous machine movement. This door will contain the process and offer superior protection for the operator. These are an ideal alternative to light curtains. Automated Barrier doors are extremely durable, low maintenance, and reliable. Our Rite-Hite doors can be integrating into your existing controls to be sure to automated the process.

Uses of Automated Barrier Doors

  • Robotic Welding/Fixed Automation
  • Production Lines
  • Machine Centers
  • Cutting Systems
  • Environmental separation
  • Anywhere Where Machine and Human interface exists.
  • And more!

These doors come in VertiGuard’s solution for single or double robotic cells, FlashFold’s automated vertical rising door, Roll Top, Defender Cell’s hazard containment perimeter guard, Defender, and Light Curtain Alternatives.

Machine Gaurding

Automated Safety Curtains are designed to protect your employees from hazards associated with the manufacturing process.  We can integrate your safety curtains into the current controls for automation. Again, these Rite-Hite doors are very durable, have low maintenance, and reliable.  We offer automated safety curtains in SlideAir’s safety improving curtains for weld flash, sparks, smoke, mist, debris and more. We also offer PowrShield which can be used with Light Curtains, Area Scanners, and Safety Mats

Uses of Automated Safety Curtains

  • Robotic Welding/Fixed Automation
  • Production Lines
  • Machine Centers
  • Robotic Machine Tending Applications
  • Cutting Systems
  • Environmental separation
  • Clean Room Applications
  • And Anywhere Where Machine and Human Interface Exists.

We also carry Rite-Hite’s Retractable Curtain and Screens which are used to provide protection where other industrial screens cannot compare. These curtains and screens can withstand the harshest of manufacturing environments. We are able to install these machine guarding’s no matter the application type. If you need unobstructed access, then these retractable curtains are perfect for you! We carry Side-to-Side, XTen for overhead suspension, RollShield’s floor to ceiling mounted curtains and screens, and Laser Curtains and Screens.

Industrial Safety Fencing has many configurations to make it compliant housings for industrial robotics and general guarding. The welded wire mesh panels can be cut to house changes in dimensions, irregularities, cutouts, and more. Due to its modular components, the RoboGuard industrial safety fencing is easy to install, move, or reconfigure. This application is easy and cost effective to install. We offer RoboGuard’s industrial safety fencing system and Saf-T-Cell’s flexable floor mounted fencings.

Uses for Industrial Safety Fencing

  • General Machine Perimeter Guarding
  • Wire Mesh Perimeter Guards for Welding Areas
  • Welded Wire Enclosures on Plant Floor
  • Wire Mesh Partitions for Storage
  • Robot Safety Fencing
  • Conveyor Perimeter Guarding
  • And more!

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