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Robert Dietrick Co. has been servicing Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, and Michigan for over 45 years. RDC equips manufacturing facilities and distribution centers with the safest loading doc equipment. We pride ourselves on our Lift Tables and our strong customer service and relationships with our clients. Contact us today for all of your needs.

If you already have the product you need but are in need of maintenance, we would like to help you. We want to ensure that our customer’s equipment is running smoothly and can also provide service and repair to your equipment.


Types of Lift Tables

Our Lift Tables are available in a variety of capacities and raised heights, and can satisfy a wide range of applications. We carry six series of Lift Tables provided by Optimus LK Series, Lo-Profile LX Series,  CompacLift X Series, EZ Up EZU Series, MobiLift BX Series, MobiLift BXB Series.

Optimus LK Series

The Optimus LK  is produced in 3 different capacity ranges to help handle your Lift Table needs in an efficient way. Designed for performance and durability with a lifetime guarantee, you can’t go wrong.  The Optimus LK is compliant with ANSI MH29.1: 2012. This lift helps to increase productivity and reduce strain on employees by eliminating unneeded lifting, bending and stretching that can lead to injuries and fatigue.

Lo-Profile LX Series

The Lo-Profile LX offers a heavy duty lifting power and can handle capacities up to 4,000lbs. Additionally, they can carry loads from a low elevation of 2.9in. This makes it essential to have when dealing with equipment that requires low profiles such as 4-wheeled carts and pallet jacks. This Lift Table increases worker productivity by reducing the strain on workers that are handling the equipment.  In addition, it has an electric full-perimeter toe-guard around the platform giving optimum operator safety.

CompacLift X Series

CompacLift tables come in 3 different models: electric, manual and air-operated models. They are designed to be durable, convenient, and ergonomic. The CompacLift has little to no maintenance while can still survive rugged working conditions.

All three models feature a compact design that is ideal in a limited workspace. The removable & storable operator’s foot pedal is easy and safe to use. Made with sturdy welds and heavy gauge steel, these stables can withstand about anything. They even have a baked enamel finish to protect from rugged conditions.

EZ Up EZU Series

The EZ UP table has a lift capacity of up to 1,700 lbs. and is made to provide powered lift equipment to areas without power. They are easy to integrate into almost all environments and have a streamlined design that reduces the risk of injury or damage. The EZ Up pneumatic lifts have no electrical or hydraulic components and are made with the highest-quality structural steel. Featuring Firestone air-stroke actuator for lifting and lowering loads of material.

MobiLift BX Series

The MobiLift scissor lift is designed with improved ergonomics and high-quality materials to provide excellent performance and reliability.  MobiLift tables come in 2 models manual and electric models.  Additionally, he easily accessible controls make it wast to adjust the platform lowering speed, improving safety and productivity in the workplace. These tables can help workers stock shelves, transport materials, and move material throughout your operation.

MobiLift BXB Series

MobiLift tables feature an integrated-pump for maximum reliability and efficiency. The lowering platform is controlled by an ergonomically designed lever that automatically stops when released. This ensures convenience and safety. Easily accessible power-unit controls make it simple to turn off and on or adjust. The MobiLift tables come in manual and electric models, however, the electric models come with an automatic charger and removable power cord.

 And Many More!

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If you need more information on all of our Lift Tables or anything else your facility needs, feel free to reach out to a representative, at Robert Dietrick Co., to learn more. We believe in strong customer service, and continuing relationships with all of our clients so don’t hesitate to reach out, our staff is eager to help. Here, at Robert Dietrick Co.,  we cannot wait to schedule a consultation to create a quote for your perfect product. Hope to hear from you soon!

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