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Robert Dietrick has been serving the Indiana, Southern Illinois, Western Kentucky, and Southern Michigan territory for over 46 years. There is no better place to turn to for all of your High Speed Doors needs. Our representatives supply fast quality service and repairs on all of our products. Above all, we believe in strong customer service, and continuing relationships with all of our clients.

Why Choose Our High Speed Doors?

When operating a facility, it is important to have a secure barrier to achieve successful environmental control. Therefore, not only are High Speed Doors great for keeping the outside out, these doors also protects us and save energy. However, the most important job of these doors is to open and close safely and quickly. Here, at Robert Dietrick Company, we carry Rite-Hite High Speed Doors because of their high speed, low maintenance, and maximum uptime. Rite-Hite doors offer a wide range of solutions to fit any of your business’ needs.

We carry all five designs provided by Rite-Hite; FasTrax, FasTrax XL, SplitSecond, Lite Speed, and TrakLine Series. These doors are capable of moving at 100 inches per second. Rite-Hite doors are able to withstand damage from forklifts and snap back into their track. Additionally, this helps protect the warehouse by saving expenses and energy loss.

Types of High Speed Doors

  • FasTrax Doors– Rite-Hite’s FasTrax doors have a very simple design, which makes them very versatile. These doors can match many different types on application. Their design can match many types of interior and exterior buildings. Not only are the doors versatile, the track setups are versatile as well, this saves from any costly modifications. FasTrax are one of the industry’s safest doors, with the fastest operating system, at 100 inches per second.
  • SplitSecond Doors– These bi-parting doors open from side to side. This cuts the open time in half for the best efficiency and productivity. With these doors, you do not have to wait for the full cycle. These doors open at a speed of 120 inches per second! SplitSecond doors come built with a vision panel for easy safety and visibility.
  • LiteSpeed Doors– If this door is hit, it will roll back up. This design has very few moving parts and has a very small footprint.
  • Trakline Series Doors– These doors have a quick operating speed that automatically close. The Trakline Doors come in a roll up model, folding model, and XL folding model.
    • TrakLine Industrial Roll Door– These doors have an opening and closing speed of 40 inches per second. It also has a curtain release system that will allow separation to prevent damage and downtime. These doors are built with a low maintenance design with no heavy bottom bars, reversing edges, or coil cords. This full-width vision panel is 18 inches high for visibility and safety.
    • TrakLine Industrial Fold Door– This door too opens at 40 inches per second. TrakLine Fold Doors are built very similarly to the roll door. The largest difference with these doors is that they operate in high positive/negative pressure with their fold-up design.
    • TrakLine PLUS Industrial Fold Doors– Finally, these doors are very similar to the other Trakline Series doors where they open at 40 inches per second, and are built with no heavy bottom bars, reversing edges, and cords. However, these doors are built for larger openings, up to 400 square feet to block your largest openings.

Why Choose Robert Dietrick for Your High Speed Doors?

For 30 years, Robert Dietrick has been an exclusive representative of Rite-Hite products. We take pride in providing our customers with the highest quality materials and products. We want you to come back to us for all of your facility’s needs. If you already have what you need, but are in need of maintenance, we would like to help you. Not only do we ensure that you products are running smoothly, we will can also service and repair your problem equipment. We want to take the stress out of running your business. Let us help your facility run smoothly and efficiently.

Contact Us for All of Your High Speed Doors

If you need more information on all of our High Speed Doors or any other of your facility needs, feel free to reach out to a representative, at Robert Dietrick to learn more. We strive to be your one stop shop for all of your facility’s High Speed Doors. Here, at Robert Dietrick Company, cannot wait to schedule a consultation to create a quote for your perfect product. Furthermore, we hope to see you very soon!

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