GuardRite Polymer: The Modern Solution for Safe and Efficient Warehouse Workspaces

Zack King

Zack King

February, 2024

The modern warehousing space is defined by a constant hurry, many moving parts and machinery, and personnel moving within these bounds. To properly protect the people within a busy, shifting environment, defined workspaces and walkways are critical. Painted lines simply don’t cut it, and there are even limitations in using steel guardrail to do the job of protecting your people and products. GuardRite Polymer by Rite-Hite is the modern answer to defining workspaces and walkways within your facility and keeping your people and products protected.

Although traditional steel barriers have been the common solution in warehousing for decades, they come with downfalls. When impacted, steel barriers can sustain significant damage, and the paint can chip or even rust away over time which can be a concern for cleanliness and effectiveness.


GuardRite Polymer has a modular, highly visible design. It is flexible and returns to its initial status after sustaining an impact. It consists of rails, end posts, and even center posts for conjoining longer runs. The rails slide into the posts and are secured into place by a locking pin stored within the posts’ housing. Additionally, the polypropylene rails and posts do not rust, nor chip, and can easily be wiped down to accommodate any cleaning procedures. With all these factors in mind, GuardRite Polymer actually costs less over time than traditional steel guardrail systems.

Guardrite Polymer Image

Rite Hite offers several models of GuardRite Polymer, meeting the needs of many environments and applications. Where lighter duty rail systems may be warranted, such as near perimeter walls or outside of doorways and office areas, GuardRite Polymer LD is the optimal solution to separate material handling equipment from pedestrians. Where more heavy-duty barriers may be needed, such as high-volume pedestrian walkways or where sensitive equipment is stored, GuardRite Polymer HD will be a stronger barrier to protect your people and products. Polymer barrier walls, GuardRite Polymer HDXL, are available for areas where pallets are stacked or product is stored on racking. The HDXL protects against potential falling product in these areas. There are 6 current models within the Polymer family, so there is likely a solution to meet any of your protective needs.

BLAST Ratings

All these products are rated by Rite-Hite’s BLAST (Barrier Load and Speed Testing) Impact Rating Chart. The lighter duty model, LD, is designed to stop up to a 15,000 lbs. impact at 2 mph, while the heaviest duty model, HD Plus, is designed to stop up to a 30,000 lbs. impact at 3 mph. Each of these barrier rail systems comply with OSHA’s 1910.29 Walking Working Surfaces Standard.


Steel barrier systems were the previous answer for pedestrian and material handling equipment separation. The future is looking ahead to a more modern, durable, and cost-effective solution with the introduction of polymer barrier systems. At Robert Dietrick Company, we have you covered with the GuardRite Polymer Barriers System by Rite-Hite.  


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