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With over 46 years of experience, there is no question where to turn to for all your Dock Seals. We provide loading dock equipment, industrial doors, and In-Plant products for manufacturing plants and distribution centers. At Robert Dietrick Company Inc., we have been providing quick quality service and repairs on all products. We focus strongly on superior customer service, and strive to keep continuous relationships with out clients.

Dock Seals

Your Perfect Dock Seals

Dock Seals are compression foam pads placed around docks that compress against trailers to create a gasket-like seal on three sides of the trailer. Since most seals are built specifically to suit your facility they have become a fundamental part of most facilities. The benefit of these seals is to create an excellent seal for a low price. These seals provide a great guard from outside conditions, insects, pests, and other elements that could pass between the truck and the wall. Not only do they keep outside conditions from getting in, they also keep the warm or cold air from escaping the building, keeping your employees comfortable while at work! One of the largest disadvantages is that they can become easily worn in places that they see a heavy flow of traffic.

Finding The Right Dock Seals

Firefighter Dock Seals

  • Insulator are one of the most durable Dock Seals. These have the longest life at steady traffic locations. They have lasted longer than other docks that have become damaged quickly. The Insulator Dock Seals have reinforced, friction-resistant side pads, and light blocking header faces. These Dock Seals come with exceptional Firefighter protection to prevent burning from any type of heat buildup. Finally, Insulator comes with replaceable wear components that are attached with Velcro for easy low-cost maintenance/upgrades.
  • TP Series docks are built with durable foam pads that provide cushion and tight seals between the loading docks and truck. These seals are also built with standard Firefighter Header Protection to stop burning from trailer lights. TP Dock Seals also come with full length side pleats, known as Rugged Armor Pleats. These pleats extend the life of your dock by providing additional wear down protection.  Galvanized Tech Steel Backers are added to guarantee durability and a long life.

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  • FDS Series are great for high energy efficiency. They have wear pleats on their header corners to ensure durability and longer product life. The FDS Series also has an excellent curtain design to prevent water pooling and wear.
  • L-Pad are very like the TP Series Dock Seals due to their Firefighter protection and Rugged ArmorPleats. However, these Docks Seals stand out due to their L-shaped foam side pages that are flexible. This flexibility ensures a necessary seal without causing the foam to extend into the trailer causing obstructions at the access points for the loads.

Why Choose Robert Dietrick for Your Dock Seals?Rite Hite Dock Seals

Robert Dietrick is an exclusive representative of Rite Hite and many other Loading Dock Equipment and in-plant manufacturers for more than 30 years.  We pride ourselves in bringing our clients quality products and the latest technology in today’s challenging work environments. Located in the Indianapolis Area, we also serve Southern Illinois, Western Kentucky, and Southern Michigan. Our quality products and services are worth coming back for. We would love to help you all of your Dock Seals now and in the future. If any of your products break down or begin running inefficiently, we provide Maintenance Programs which allows us to have ongoing visits, to be sure that your equipment is running correctly. Not only do we make sure your products are running smoothly, we also can service and repair your equipment if we do find issues.  We want you to continually feel safe in our hands. Let us take the stress out of your day to day.

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Whether you are looking at purchasing your new Dock Seals today, or if you are looking for more information on how to improve your docks feel free to reach out to one of our specialist today. We would be glad to schedule a consultation to create a quote and find the perfect product for your facility.

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