Cross Overs and Work Platforms

Throughout the Midwest, Robert Dietrick has been offering the highest quality Cross Overs and Work Platforms to our clients. For over 46 years, we have supplied loading dock facilities with the leading products and materials. Our representatives are here to assist you with all of your needs with the fastest response times and quality answers. Not only do we offer premier customer service, we also offer the fastest repair services. Let us know how we can help you.

What Are Cross Overs and Work Platforms

How can cross overs and platforms increase the productivity of your facility? With the use of multiple components, we are able to create work platforms and cross overs. These modular cross overs use fabricated metal stairs, metal platforms, handrails, ladders, and supports. These modular pieces are able to offer you and your facility an unlimited amount of configurations. There is no fabrication to go into these cross overs, only bolting together these components to create your needed workspace. All of the prefabricated pieces are built with heavy aluminum and steel. These work platforms are great for access over obstructions, such as pipes, dike walls, and more. All of ErectaStep’s components are OSHA compliant, and always available. We cannot wait to assist you with all of our Cross Over and Work Platform needs.

Benefits of Our Cross Overs and Work Platforms

All of the components of our cross overs and platforms are built as a modular design so they are are easily reconfigured or redesigned as often as you would like, while still offering the best protection. Not only are our components reusable, they are easily assembled. With lightweight prefabricated pieces, there is no need to wait for installation. You are able to install yourself with our simple instructions and  provided tools. Additionally, our components are ready to ship at all times. Since our five products can be designed in multiple configurations, we are able to continually stock each item. With our modular design, you are able to create cross overs ( or bridges), as well as catwalks, mezzanine platforms, ladder platforms, and assembly line platforms.  When setting up and designing your cross over or platforms, there is no welding, special tools, or cranes needed. All components can be bolted together with ease.

Prefabricated Modular Platform Products:

  • Aluminum Work Platforms- These platforms are built with a three foot by three foot design. The work platforms are stamped for a slip resistant work surface with self-draining tread, for your facility safety. The aluminum platforms are extremely lightweight for easy installation. Your platforms can be designed as a three foot by 15 foot walk way, or to a nine foot by nine foot platform, depending on your need.
  • Metal Handrails- These prefabricated handrails are build to fit the side of each 3 foot platform, for fall protection. These handrails are built with the most lightweight, heavy duty materials to offer extreme protection that can withstand years of wear.
  • Tower Supports- One tower support is able to support two platforms, by placing them between the seams. We offer towers in 11 heights, all the way up to fifteen feet. For property safety, these towers supports must be placed every nine feet.
  • Aluminum Ladders- These ladders are made to fit the side of each platform and offer a twenty-four inch “D” shaped rung, for safety. We offer ladders from 1 step all the way to 1 steps, depending on the height of your platform. These ladders are ANSI powder coated in yellow so that they offer extra durability and visibility.
  • Metal Stairs-Our stairs are prefabricated in one step all the way to six step units. The one and two step units are used as stand alone units, while three to six step units can be connected together to be able to amount to twenty steps in total. Each unit is twenty-six inches wide, as well as stamped for traction. Powder coated handrails on each side, offer heavy-duty fall protection to ensure the safety of your workers.

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Have you been searching for a reliable company for your loading dock facility needs? We have been offering only the most durable and reputable products for over 46 years out of the Midwest. Please contact us if you would like more information on our Work Platforms and Cross Over options. Whether it is industrial fans, industrial doors, or platforms; we are here to assist you to create the safest environment for your employees and clients.

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