Control is Chief

Mike Smith

February, 2020

When it comes to manufacturing, we want control beginning with the raw materials that come into our facilities, all the way through to the finished product that goes out in our trucks.  We need control over our inventory, our processes, and even the environment within our facility. That’s where doors come in to play, and here’s how a new product on the market is bringing “control” to this arena.

Vehicle Mount for Overhead Door Remote Control Opener

If you are like most manufacturing facilities you could have dozens, even hundreds of doors within your four walls.  Doors partition off washrooms, chemical storage, hot and cold, raw and finished, restricted areas, and many more places within our buildings.  Having a quick, secure way through each of these doors has been challenging in the past.  In fact, if you have more than four doors in your facility it’s been nearly impossible to have only one remote that controls them all.  I’d venture to say that if you are like most facilities and you have 25 doors or more, your door remote collection dangling from your forklifts could be compared to air fresheners hanging from a NYC taxicab! Neither of these scenarios is acceptable, and now with a great product from Control Chief (and Uber) neither of these scenarios have to exist anymore.

RDC, your Industrial Solutions Provider introduces you to the Control Chief Access 1000 transmitter and receiver system. The Access 1000 wireless solution boasts the capability of opening not just 1, 2, 3, or even 10 different doors… It’s capable of controlling up to 1,000 different doors from one single remote! This means that you have control throughout your facility to navigate freely through every single door you come across.  Maintain temperatures, keep restricted personnel out, hold false door cycles to a minimum, and have more control over safety by utilizing the Access 1000 system.


Here are just a few of the key benefits this system features:

  • Control up to 1,000 doors from one single remote.
  • Optional forklift docking station that holds the remote securely and wires directly to your lifts 12v charging system.  Keep your remote charged at all times and never worry about batteries again!
  • Send open, close, and stop signals to any door.
  • Utilizes a 900 MHz frequency for robust reception and is excellent against noise interference.
  • Weather-resistant (IP65 rated) so it’s tough against the elements inside and outside of your facility, it can go wherever you go.
  • Secure – pin code required activation if security is what you desire.
  • Control doors, gates, and even other equipment like shrink wrap machines.  Use your imagination to harness this great system.

The Access 1000 receiver comes in a 120v or 24v option for power so there’s not a piece of equipment that it can’t go in.  There is no reason why you can’t have complete, effortless control over all of your doors and gates with this great system!

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