Continued Growth in RDC’s Operations

Juan Orrego

February, 2021

Robert Dietrick Company continues to experience growth in the area of Operations in 2021! 

Early this month, RDC Opened its 4th location in Columbus, Indiana. This office will help to better serve our customers in the south-central part of the state. 

Senior Service Technician Patrick Feeney has been promoted to Columbus Service Manager. Patrick will be running operations for this office. He will be collaborating with our Dispatch Team and focusing on product training and enhancing the skills of our technician group in this territory.

In addition, RDC is delighted to announce the hiring of Steve Leggins and Robert Perry. Steve and Robert will be mentored and trained under the leadership of Gregg Thompson, Jr., Senior Service Technician, and Patrick Feeney, respectively. 

Patrick Feeney

Gregg Thompson Jr

Ed Wetherald

To assist with the launch of this new facility, Veteran Service Technician Ed Wetherald will be transitioning into the role of Warehouse Manager, effective 4/1/21. He will be managing deliveries, inventory, and skill training.

RDC is also excited to share that Senior Service Technician, Greg Whaley, has been promoted to Fishers Service Manager and two new technicians will be joining his technician group. Jared Kaser and Steven Slaven will be mentored and trained by Greg and Ryon Woodrum over the next month. Greg will also be focusing on training and enhancing the skills of our technician group in this territory and collaborating with the Dispatch Team. 

Greg Whaley

Ryon Woodrum

RDC will continue to invest in our Technicians skills and Dispatch team to provide best-in-class service. 

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