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For the last 46 years, Robert Dietrick has been serving the Midwest Region. We are at your one stop shop for all of your loading dock facility needs. We offer the best customer service as well as quick quality repairs. We are here to provide you with all of your Barrier Safety Systems needs as well as all other needs you may have.

What Are Barrier Safety Systems?

In your facility, safety should be one of the most important details. Loading docks can become very dangerous while vacant, due to falls of up to 4 feet. To prevent accidents, we carry all of the best Rite-Hite Barrier Safety Systems. Rite-Hite offers many types of solutions to best suit your open dock.

Barrier Systems are able to provide your team with full access for loading and unloading trailers , as well as fresh air when trailers are not present. You have the option to have manual or automatic barriers to assist in ease of use. Our barriers are user cost effective and important to prevent injury, accidents, and product damage.

Which Barrier Safety System is Right for You?

Are you looking to increase the use of space safely in your facility? Or are you trying to decrease the risk of accidents from falls at your facility’s loading docks? There are quite a few application requirements before choosing your perfect system.

Loading Dock Safety Barriers

DOK-Guardian Safety Barrier

 These Barriers are great for preventing fork trucks, pedestrians, and pallet jacks from falling for of your facility’s dock. DOK-Guardians are built to stop of to 30,000 lbs from taking a four foot drop.  They can easily fit across 16’5” wide, and are anchored on each side by 48″ Warden Guards.

DOK-Guardian LD Safety Barrier

Again, these barriers are perfect for preventing falls from 4 foot loading docks. The “LD” is designed to stop up to 5,500 lbs and fits across openings of 16’5″ wide and retracts into 48″ tall Warden Guards.

Warden Series Door Track Protection

It is important to avoid expensive door repairs. This can be done by installing track protection that covers every angle to avoid dings on your industrial doors from pallets, fork-tips, and much more. These are great for new and existing doors.

In-Plant Safety Barriers

Spanguard® Mesh Safety Barriers

These barriers are built to stop up to 5,000 lbs. The Spanguard® barriers are available in 30′ and 60′ units. These systems are easy to operate and can be positioned in multiple configurations.

Guardrite Strap

These barriers are perfect for plant separation. The Guardrite Straps can absorbs several hundred pounds of impact with damage, as well as stop 30,000 lbs of force. At six feet high, these separators provide excellent visibility.

Guardrite Steel

Just like the Strap, these Saftey Barrier Systems are designed to stop up to 30,000 lbs. These barriers are perfect when you need durable protection.

Guardrite Flex

These Barrier Safety Systems are perfect for a modular design. The flex is known for its easy installation and can work with many configurations and removable nails. The Flex barriers can stop up to 5,000 lbs and can absorb impacts and return to the original shape. These PVC rails save expenses on traditional steel railing.

Safe-T-Gate Swing

Just like the Flex barriers, these safety barriers have a modular design and offer gates with openings from 3′ to 5′ wide. These are great for access points for working areas.

Stafe-T-Gate Vertical 

Just like the Swing, these barriers are great for access points to work areas that need separation for protection. These are great for openings of 5′ to 12′ wide.


Many facilities have fork truck accidents that happen everyday. These barriers can stop up to 29,800 lbs and is made of 8″ high and 3/16″ thick steel. These are easy to install and come in many different sizes for a modular design.

Mezzanine & Platform Barriers

Gate Keeper

Platform barriers are great for maximizing space with elevated platforms or multi-levels to create more storage space. No space is lost with the Gate Keeper Mezzanine systems. These are available in manual and automatic designs.

Rackeeper Safety Gate 

These safety gates are great for elevated and multilevel work areas that require protection from falls without the use of chains and cables. These gates have a rail height of 21″ and 42″ with 10 a steel frame to prevent accidents.

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